Security is a key issue around the world today, particularly in countries such as Bangladesh. With expansion of industries and improvements in the populations’ socio economic status, the need for secured premises are of utmost importance, be it in a work or private environment. Incidences of criminal activities are reported all over the country on a regular basis. To counter these scenarios, there is a requirement for robust security measures, particularly in locations which are vulnerable to miscreants.

Equipped with personnel who have years of experience in military and security sectors, Zebra Securities Ltd. aims to provide the secure environment that clients desire within their workplace and private premises. The company strives to provide a unique service, one that will completely secure clients’ work and home, thus allowing them to work and rest with ease.

Amongst others, some reasons why clients choose Zebra Securities Ltd. are outlined below:

*For a safe and secure environment

*For value for money

*For constant back up services including availability of reserve manpower to suit all clients’ requirements, particularly during emergencies

*For obedient and presentable security personnel providing the dual role of security and an attractive appearance for premises

*For professional and dedicated management, who aim to provide the most effective and stringent services to clients



M.H Building (2nd Floor),15 Strand Road,Chittagong,Bangladesh.

Liason Office:

House 8, Road 2, Block K, Lane , Gate 10, Halishahar Housing Estate, Chittagong.

Dhaka Office:

Kona Bari Road, Etahata Western Side of Vowal College, Gazipur Sadar, Gazipur.


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