Being a heavily import dependent country, Bangladesh has been desperately seeking export orientated industries. The contribution of the RMG and textiles industries to the country’s export sector is undoubted and has contributed phenomenally to it’s development. The drive is now to develop other export-orientated industries.

The country has always been an important shipping hub for South East Asia, with Chittagong playing a particularly important role in trade within this region. Over the last two decades, ship-breaking has been a particularly profitable business within the country.


Shipbuilding has also become a booming industry in Bangladesh. Presently, there are companies actively engaged with orders from many markets, particularly from the Scandinavian regions. With the decline in the controversial ship-breaking industry, the future of shipbuilding in Bangladesh is prosperous, and focus is slowly shifting towards this industry.


With the above in mind, Malik Group recently begun it’s own foray into shipbuilding. The company is currently engaged in the production of medium sized barges. The long- term ambitions are to use the expertise and experiences gained from these projects, and use them as a platform to establish a shipbuilding yard, able to handle more sophisticated projects.