With a monthly combined production capacity of 8000 Metric tonnes, Malik Sons is one of the country’s oldest salt houses. Established in 1951 by the Late Abdul Malik, the company is run today by his sons.

Edible Salt

Edible salt is one of the most important constituents of the human food chain, as it is supplemented with Iodine, an essential element for the human body. Bangladesh has an unfortunate history of disease related to iodine deficiency and global organizations such as the World Health Organization and UNICEF have taken a great initiative to solve this problem by creating awareness amongst rural populations, while making it a legal requirement for salt manufacturers to market Iodine containing (Iodized) edible salt.

Malik Sons, with market brand names Malik Salt, Sea Salt and Shamim Salt has been an active part of this drive and have been striving to provide the population with edible Iodized salt by working closely with the relevant bodies.

Whilst sourcing the finest raw salts from Bangladesh, the company also imports the highest quality of raw materials from other countries such as neighbouring India, allowing them to produce salt with a Sodium Chloride (NaCL) content of up to 97%.

The company’s long-term goals are to continue catering for the salt requirements for the population of Bangladesh, whilst also expanding and increasing production capacities to meet the growing demands of this developing country.

Industrial Salt

With the booming industries such as RMG, textiles and chemicals, there is great demand for industrial grade salt in Bangladesh. Malik Sons is one of the leading suppliers of industrial salt, catering for some of the leading companies in the country.




M.H Building (Ground Floor),15 Strand Road,Chittagong,Bangladesh.

Factory address: 

  1. Malik Salt Industries,12 Strand Road

Chittagong, Bangladesh.     

  1. Malik Salt Industries (Unit 2),Rajakhali Bishwo Road

New Chaktai, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

  1. Teximco Iodized Salt Industries, Yakub Nagar

Firingee Bazaar,Chittagong, Bangladesh.  

  1. S. J Salt Crushing Industries, 20/A Strand Road

Bondor, Chittagong,Bangladesh.


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