In the 1950’s, a daring young man by the name of Abdul Malik immigrated to East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). Settling in the port city of Chittagong, Mr. Malik began a small business, which traded in items such as imports of ready-made tin sheds. As business began to become profitable, he set up a small salt company, which marketed a brand of edible salt, ‘Malik Salt’.

His eldest son, Mr. Abdul Khaleque, later joined Mr. Malik in the business. As well as expanding the salt business, Mr. Khaleque became heavily involved in indenting, as well as importing of ready-made cement and other commodities. He also developed a passion for shipping, as well as realizing the crucial role this sector has in maintaining import- orientated businesses.

After the Bangladesh government allowed private investments in the cement- manufacturing sector, Mr. Khaleque, established Diamond Cement Ltd.

In the 1990’s, Abdul Malek’s other sons joined the family business, thus establishing Malik Sons. This further strengthened the company’s manpower, and has since led to the establishment of many other businesses, such as printing, shipbuilding and further expansions within the already well to do salt business.

The group is currently active in countries such as Singapore, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. The company is a firm believer in reaching out and sourcing potential partners across the globe, who possess relevant expertise in technology, as these are the fundamental requirements for maintaining and developing new businesses.

Malik Group seeks to expand and plans to establish further projects are already underway. The company understands the tremendous potential a developing country like Bangladesh possesses and further ambitions are to develop along with the country.